Investments/ RRIFs

Have you or are you about to turn 71? You need to convert your RRSP to a RRIF this year. I have access to many plans.

Segregated Funds

Are you interested in saving money, but want to insure that you will not lose any value? Are you self employed or a small business owner and want to protect your personal assets from your creditors? Do you want to get a higher return than those typical in a traditional bank account, money market fund or GIC? A segregated fund investment may be the answer. It guarantees a minimum return of the money invested in the case of your death or upon maturity regardless of the current value of the plan. I would be pleased to provide additional information.


Do you have a child / children / grandchildren under the age of 15? Do you think that they will get a post secondary education? Would you like to take advantage of the government CESG grant? An RESP may be the solution.


Saving money for your retirement is not an easy task. Let’s discuss your risk tolerance and perform an analysis of your current financial plan. Together we can work out a plan that will meet your needs.


The Tax-Free Savings Account allows for tax free growth on the money. After-tax income of up to $5,000 per year can be placed into a TFSA. For 2013, this amount increased to $5500. This money can then be withdrawn at any point of time, without penalty. Unlike RRSP’s, which must be withdrawn after the holder turns 71, the TFSA does not expire. To discuss whether a TFSA fits into your financial plan, give me a call.


Not all savings need to be in an RSP. If you are an incorporated business owner, you may want to use strategies to take money out of your business. Alternatively, you may have maximized your RSP room. If you have a unique situation, there may be other solutions. Let’s talk about your options!

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